Shipping Information

Feldan is a biotechnology company helping researchers involved in Cell therapy and Regenerative Medicine by providing premium high quality clinical and GMP grade ancillary materials including cytokines, transcription factors, and other recombinant proteins critical to the development and applications of cell therapy.
Feldan is aware that your research advancement is based on the availability of our products and this is the reason why we are committed to sending you your order as soon as we can. How long does it take for my order to ship? It depends on the products you order. If the product is available, it will be shipped the next business day depending on when the order was received and how the product needs to be shipped. We prefer avoid the product being stock over the weekend so usually, if we are not confident that the product will be received by our customer before Friday 4pm, we will delay the shipping until the following Monday. Please note that this is even more important when the products are being shipped on ice or dry-ice as it is even more critical for the quality of our products. However, if the product is not available and therefore, needs to be produce by the production team, the delay is between 1 to 3 weeks. It is therefore, important to check with us the availability of your product of interest to avoid delays. SHIPPING RATES: Most products are being shipped at room temperature and the shipping rates vary on the location of our customers around the world. When the product is shipped on ice (extra 20$) or Dry-ice (extra 80$), the weight of the package is heavier and therefore, the shipping cost will be higher. Please contact us for more information