Our Mission: To develop regenerative medicine therapeutic applications based on the Feldan Shuttle platform.

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Company Overview

Cell therapy is the next frontier in modern medicine, with its huge potential for curing and treating diseases. Cell therapy uses living cells as treatment. Moreover, the more recently developed genome editing technologies allow for genetically modified stem cells, thereby pushing even further the limits of cells as therapeutic treatment. Together cell therapy and gene-modified cell therapy have the potential to drastically change the standards of care and redefine quality of life.

However, the technologies needed to translate genome modifications and transcription factors into medical applications are still limited and currently only rely on the use of viruses and electroporation. While effective in certain cell types, these techniques have proven to affect cell viability, to decrease cell potency and to pose safety and regulatory issues. Feldan has developed the Feldan Shuttle, a protein-based technology platform that directly delivers proteins – such as nucleases or transcription factors – inside cells and to specific cellular compartments. Feldan Shuttle can overcome major obstacles faced by nucleic acid delivery for therapeutic use by considerably decreasing the regulatory burden and by accelerating the translation of discoveries into clinical applications. Feldan Shuttle enables efficiency and flexibility that will be leveraged through the development of new therapies.